CBD For Your Pet's

If you have a pet, you know that they have all sorts of different needs. Sometimes they need a calming agent, and other times they need a way to ease pain. You can't go wrong with Natribis's CBD treats for your animals. They're made with the best ingredients and come in a delicious natural and beef flavor. They're made with high-quality CBD and the best part is that they're safe for all breeds and sizes of pets.

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Bath and Beauty

Natribis CBD Bath And Beauty has a range of bath and body products infused with the benefits of CBD. These products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. Each product is infused with a high-quality CBD extract, made from organic hemp, which helps to with pain, reduce inflammation, and provide an overall sense of well-being. Add our Bath and Beauty products into your skin routine today!

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Our Story

Natribis was born into a time of worldwide health uncertainty in the fall of 2020 with one superior goal; to help people reclaim their well-being.  Our name is derived from these two key factors of our company; Natural and HEMP CBD.  As our name suggests, we believe in the natural effect that CBD has on the body.  Through Natribis we aim to supply consumers with a product that can add to everyday healthy living. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a big advocate for health and fitness all my life, having been a track athlete throughout high school and college.  Being an athlete will always have post-workout challenges that go along with it.  Yet I was always cautious of what I put into my body.  This is the major reason I wanted to help make a difference for people and provide a natural alternative that people can feel good about taking. Natribis is here and ready to help people like me or anyone else with a story and eagerness for education on what CBD can do for them. Even though Natribis was born into a time when worldwide health was in a state of uncertainty, we believe that one certainty is that everyone deserves a natural way to improve their well-being.